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My Doggies!
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My Doggies!


I love my doggies! They haven't been too jealous of me, just a little scared! Of course they give me kisses all the time!

Wolfie Dog!

This is Konig Wolfgang aus Meistern. We just call him Wolf. Actually, Mom and Dad call him Stinky. They say it's because he used to pee on his front legs. EWWW!


Susie Dog!
This is Susie. Sometimes we call her Su Su! She's a boxer, lab, rhodesian ridgeback mix. She's old and loveable, though she doesn't look too loveable in this pic!
RIP SU SU 1995-8/18/06


Nikki Dog!

Here's Nikki. You met her on the first page. That's her favorite basketball she's laying on!


Kharma Dog!
This is Kharmie! She was Mommy's dog before Mommy and Daddy met. She's a black lab mix who barks too much. She looks perturbed in this pic! :)