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Storm Damage 5/4/09
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Storm Damage 5/4/09

Monday, May 4th, our neighborhood suffered from a severe storm of some sort; nobody knows if a small tornado went through or what, but it sure looks like that's what happened. We have three Gum trees in the front yard and, as a result of the storm, we now have 2 and a half.
Luckily the girls and I weren't home. Unfortunately, Mike had just gotten home from our weekend trip up to Massanutten in Harrisonburg, VA. He's all right, but his Blazer isn't so pretty anymore.
Here are some pics of the aftermath:
The storm lasted less than two minutes; these pics were taken right after the storm was over. You can see that the sun came out....
This is our poor tree. As you can see, the bottom half is on the right and the top half is on the left, stuck in the power lines.
There's a telephone pole under there somewhere....
Our poor truck and Blazer surrounded by branches and power lines.
Mike's Blazer, those power lines really did a job on it!
The back of the Blazer; if you look closely, you can see the branches sticking out of the tire cover on the took a bit of elbow grease to get them out!
The high voltage line actually STABBED itself into the back of the truck. It looked like I had a new antenna.
This was on a pole and not so bent!
That mound of dirt is actually the bottom of a tree that tipped over at Victorya's school. This was one heck of a storm!
We're still trying to find parts for the Blazer, it's so old that some of the parts have been discontinued! Luckily I found a junk yard that has some of it and they're willing to cut me a deal, so we'll see how it looks soon!

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